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3... 2... 1.. Liftoff

3... 2... 1.. Liftoff

Size: 12 oz. Bag

Roast: Light Medium
Notes: Juicy Blackberry, Nutty, Red Delicious Apple
Region: Nicaragua Marimba, Ethiopia Iron Lion

3…2…1… Liftoff! Buckle up, coffee lovers, and prepare for takeoff with this coffee bean blend. This celestial brew is a light-medium roast designed to orbit your taste buds with its extraordinary flavor profile. Get ready to launch your day into overdrive with the vibrant notes of juicy blackberry that burst onto your palate like a supernova. A cosmic swirl of nutty undertones follows, leaving you floating in a universe of flavor. When you think your flavor journey has reached the outer edges of deliciousness, a comet of red delicious apple flavor descends, leaving a sweet, crisp aftertaste that’s truly out of this world. Our 3…2…1… Liftoff blend will ensure your day starts at warp speed and your taste buds reach the moon. The countdown to incredible coffee has begun!

Single Serve Coffee Cup Options Coming June 2024!

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