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Deep Space Brew

Deep Space Brew

Size: 12 oz. Bag

Roast: Dark
Notes: Smoky Tangerine, Leathery, Pink Peppercorn
Region: Honduras Reserva Guama Danta, Colombia Laboyano

Venture into the great unknown with the Deep Space Brew blend. This dark roast masterpiece propels your taste experience into new dimensions, boldly going where no coffee blend has gone before. Your journey commences with a surprising note of smoky tangerine that flickers across your palate like a distant nebula, hinting at the depth and mystery of the universe beyond. As you traverse this cosmic brew, you encounter a leathery element mirroring the rugged beauty of unexplored celestial bodies. Your expedition concludes with a final frontier of pink peppercorn, a flavor as vibrant and unexpected as a supernova explosion, leaving a distinct, bold imprint that lingers like the echo of a pulsar. Unleash your inner astronaut with the Deep Space Brew blend, and let every cup become a voyage into the infinite expanses of flavor.

Single Serve Coffee Cup Options Coming June 2024!


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