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Go For Launch

Go For Launch

Size: 12 oz. Bag

Roast: Light
Notes: Cacao Nibs, Candied Nuts, Green Apple
Region: Nicaragua Marimba, Colombia Laboyano

Description: Launch into your day with this light and flavorful blend! This elegant coffee boasts distinct notes of cacao nibs, lending it a rich, chocolatey undercurrent that is both enticing and deeply satisfying. Swirled within this flavorful complexity, hints of candied nuts bring a delightful sweetness, creating a taste profile reminiscent of a luxurious dessert. Cutting through these decadent layers, bright sparks of green apple provide a tart, fruity contrast, lifting the profile with their fresh vibrancy. Fuel up and get energized with this indulgent and refreshing brew.

Single Serve Coffee Cup Options Coming June 2024!


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Nicaragua’s geographical attributes provide an ideal environment for coffee cultivation. The country’s high altitude, abundant rainfall, and rich volcanic soil create the perfect conditions for coffee plants to thrive. As a result, Nicaraguan coffee beans are nurtured under optimal conditions, contributing to their distinctive and robust flavor profile.

The fertile soils are rich in nutrients and minerals essential for coffee growth. These nutrients are absorbed by the coffee beans, significantly enhancing their taste and aroma. The indigenous Bourbon and Caturra coffee varieties grown here are known for their pronounced sweetness and brightness, further amplified by the mineral-rich soil.

Moreover, Nicaragua’s consistent rainfall and warm tropical climate ensure the coffee cherries ripen evenly, developing a balanced sweetness and acidity. The cooler, high-altitude nights allow the cherries to mature slowly, deepening the flavors and complexity of the beans.
The combination of these factors contributes to the production of Nicaraguan coffee beans that possess a unique and distinct taste. With each sip, coffee lovers can expect a symphony of flavors that range from sweet notes of caramel and chocolate to tart citrus undertones punctuated by floral or nutty tones. This richness and depth of flavor make Nicaraguan coffee stand out on the global stage.

Single Serve Coffee Cup Options Coming June 2024!

Meet Go For Launch

Meet our star player, Go For Launch. This adventurous Beanstronaut is no ordinary blend; she’s a cosmic voyage in every cup. Bursting onto the palate with vibrant notes of refreshing green apple, she carries a sweet undertone of candied nuts that perfectly balances its vibrant character. As the journey unfolds, you’ll encounter the exotic richness of cacao nibs, setting the stage for an unforgettable coffee experience. Just like a spacecraft defying gravity, “Go For Launch” propels your taste buds to new heights. Buckle up and prepare for launch with each sip!