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Rocket To Mars

Rocket To Mars

Size: 12 oz. Bag

Roast: Dark
Notes: Tropical Fruit, Molasses, Bakers Chocolate
Region: Colombia Finca El Corozal, Honduras Reserva Guama Danta

Set your sights on the red planet with the Rocket to Mars blend. This dark roast is a bold, daring exploration of flavor, charting a course for a taste journey that transcends earthly confines. Upon ignition, vibrant tropical fruit notes burst through, showering your palate with a tantalizing sweetness as diverse as the Martian landscape. Your journey continues with molasses’s dark, sweet richness, a flavor as deep and mysterious as the planet’s famed canyons. As you reach the final frontier of your flavor expedition, you’re met with the robust, full-bodied taste of baker’s chocolate. Its intensity is a fitting finale to your interplanetary voyage, leaving a lingering richness as memorable as the Martian sunset. With the Rocket to Mars blend, every sip is a daring space expedition, and every cup is a taste adventure to the stars. Prepare for liftoff, coffee explorers–your journey to Mars begins here.

Single Serve Coffee Cup Options Coming June 2024!


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